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As PSM fraternity we believe everybody was born to succeed but through individual gifts and potential which is inherent. However, many people have failed to discover this truth because of standard conditions forced to them by the systems and patterns of the world. This make them to think otherwise. Many people have failed to discover their purpose in life, gift and potential and end up struggling for economic benefits rather than living effective and impactful lives.We believe that whenever there is a problem, there is a solution, and the people around that place have that ability to solve it. We are all able to solve our own problems and those around us if we believe we have the solutions. It is a matter of believing in oneself and having the confidence to do it. We strongly believe in God who is the auther of our destinies, we always trust in him in all things because we kmow He gives us power and ability to triumph in life. We focus our programs in changing and transforming peoples mindsets by making them aware of how to realize their purpose and gifts.

Your mindset and attitude determines your destiny

"As a man thinketh so is he". It is a principle that cautions us on what we are always thinking about. A lot of times, circumstances around us have forced us to think negatively and we deliver negative results. Our friends, parents, teachers and other people who spoke to us might have told you something negative about yourselve and you belived. Due to this,your life has been of negativity all through and poor life with lack of progress has been your portion. Probably you were born in an environment where people don't believe in success but suffering poverty and failure. This can be reason why you are not making progress at all. You are now stranded in your mind, you don't know what to do next, don't worry yourself anymore, PSM will equip you through training and talks that will set you free from the confines of negativity and you shall experience progress and positive results

Gift and purpose

We are born with something. None of us came in this world empty. We all have inherent ability that makes us relevant. None of us is a mistake, we all came for something. You might be a parental accident but you are not divine accident, God knew you were coming and he provided everything you need to live succesfully in this life. You were born to solve problems, make difference,change your world and live a legacy for the next generation but not to come eat,go to school,pass exams,get a job, pay your bills and die. You are in mission which you must accomplish. PSM will help you discover your purpose in life and your gift for you to be influential and effective.

Success redefined

Success is not all about setting a goal and achieving it. Success is more than getting grades in schools, getting good paying jobs and enjoying the wealth of the world. Success cannot be defined by what you have but your influence to other people in regard to your purpose, potential and gifts. Success is discovering your purpose for existence and bring it to completion. None of us is a mistake. We are created for something. You might say you are a parental accident but it is crucial you know you are not divine accident, God knew you were coming and he imputed in you a certain ability to do something. Success is realized in the confines of the reason for your existence. However knowing what you were created for is not enough, Pepe Minambo, says there are three important days in every individual life; the day you were born, the day you discovered why you were born and the day you decided to be what you were created for. This is permanent Success. Success is impacting the world with the investment of your personality. You need to work on your personality by reading the right books, listening to improving and valuable things, and talking to the right people. You did not come to be born, get a job and die. Impact the world around you with your ability. That's why you cannot blame anyone for your failure. There is no one who is against you. There is no system in this world that was designed for your failure. You need to learn to hold yourself responsible for your progress in life. Where you found yourself first doesn't matter, it can be problematic, what matters is what you do with the situation. Invest on your personality. Influence your world with your right thinking. It doesn't matter how you were born, what matter is how you live the rest of your life. Make changes in your life. You might be born poor, but you were not born to be poor, might have been brought up poor but you have not been brought up to be poor. Be responsible of your life. Success is impacting the world with the investment of your personality. You need to work on your personality by reading the right books, listening to improving and valuable things, and talking to the right people. You did not come to be born, get job and die. Impact the world around you and with your ability. Success is influencing the world around you to think like you and to aspire to your inspiration. You also become success by awakening other people to think and reason like you. This means you must have the right thoughts. Success is not measured by what you have even though people say it matters but by your thoughts, words and actions. Dont be like them, be different and make change.

Believe in yourself

There is a winner in you. There is greatness in you but you need to get it out.You are not shortchanged, you have all it takes to win. All you need for good life is going to come out of you. You have the right looks, right personality, and the right attitude. You were made with a definite ability that is incomparable. Believe that. Work on yourself more. Stop yielding to negative thoughts, you don't need their approval to be great. God made you with 80% dependence. You don't need them so much. If they cannot help you achieve your dreams you can do it alone with Christ who gives you strength. Roll the sleeves of your shirt, hold your head high, shoulder on and make progress. If you don't believe in yourself no one will believe in you. People will discourage you, they will want to stop you but as long as you know where you are going, keep going. You have all it takes to win. Don't depend so much on other people, they will disappoint you. You might even ruin your relationship with them by transferring your problems to them. You will loose easily. You will fail, get up, dust yourself off and make another step, keep trying with new strategies until you win. when king David was young, he believed in himself more than any other person. No one even attempted to fight Goliath. But David was able because he believed in himself and God who delivered him Before. Friends, it is time you stop listening to negative thoughts around you that you can make it. Be positive minded always. There is no power that can defeat self belief.

The power of vision

"If you don't know where you are going you will land anywhere" "A man without a vision is like a blind man walking on a path full of thorns and holes"-Gamaliel Gerishom Malungu. Where will you be ten years to come? What will you be doing 5 years ahead of you. Do you have a clear picture of where you are going? If not you are as worse as a dead man walking aimlessly in the streets. Find a vision today and work on it.

confession is possession

What do you always tell people about yourself? What do you always say about you? Are they positive things or negative? Are they wonderful or terrible? Are they encouraging or discouraging? What you confess is what you will posses. Be careful with what you say, there is power in your words.

The power of priorities

There is no greater challenge than choosing among daily competing alternatives of our complicating daily demands for our limited time. Let me ask you, what is it that drives you every day? What is your first priority? What is your primary focus? What is it in your life that you have placed the highest value and worth upon? If you want to make progress you must understand the principle and power of priorities..


There is a winner in you. You were created to be successful, to leave a purposeful and influential life that will leave a legacy for the next generation. You have all it takes to win. You are of the right personality, the right looks and qualifications. There is alot of greatness in you, you need to get it out. Every body was born to be great, but very few experience this reality by releasing their ability in their areas of influence. Too often we talk ourselves out of God's best by allowing doubts, fears and discouraging situations to put us down and live like purposeless people. Refuse to listen to negative voices, God made you and He never made a failure. People's opinions are good but not determinants of how far we can go. My thirty years experience of driving a car with a speedometer of 180km/hr by 80km/hr does not reduce the ability of that car to travel with its intended ability. Your deslike of the colour of the car does not limit it to travel at 180km/hr. Don't allow anybody's experience overule your success. If it did not work for them it will work for you. Probably they were afraid to drive at 180km/hr. You can do more than you can ever imagine. Believe in yourself more than anybody else around you. Go with the people who are for you. If you are an eagle fly with eagles and not parrots.

Habits of successful people

Success means different things to different people. My understanding of success can not be your understanding of the subject. For some, success means financial achievement, winning titles, medals or trophies in sports. For some who are students, success is getting good grades, leading in class, go to the University of their choice and of course get a good paying Job. For some it means achieving a state of wellness in life, that is health, peace and happiness. Others will say success is discovering your purpose and living it upto completion. Whatever success means to you, take note of the following habits of successful people ;

1.They have discovered their purpose.

The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a reason. Successful people know why they were born and they live by it everyday. Many people are just living because of living. Successful people understand that life is not just a matter of being born, go to school, get good grades, get a good job with excellent salaries and later die. They know life is more than that. Successful people know that unless they unleash their potential they cannot be successful. They know that to be successful means to influence the world with the investment of their personalities and making others to aspire to their aspirations in their lines of purpose. If you want to be successful, discover your purpose.

2.They set goals

When you don't have a clear picture of where you are going, you will land anywhere and more especially where you don't like. Successful people have a clear focus of what they want to achieve with the time given to them. They understand that there will be challenges as they try to achieve their goals but they are determined to endure hardships until they get what they want in life.

3.They are responsible of their lives

Successful people do not blame anyone for their failure or under performance. Success is personal, they therefore heap everything on their shoulders and battle with them until they win. For them what matters is now that they are born and not where they were born. They believe that there is nobody against them but themselves by having negative attitudes, having toxic friends and doing the same mistakes. If you want to be successful, take responsibility of your life.

4.They never give up

There is no successful person who has not dared to give up but they refused to give up. They were in the verge of giving up but they had a clear picture of where they were going and that motivated them. They met challenges, hindrances and obstacles. People refused to help them out but they never gave up. If you want to be successful, keep moving, when you fail, pick yourself up and with something from the ground. If you must fall, fall ahead and not behind. Never quit.

5.They take risks

Successful people don't fear to fail. People will intimidate your dream and vision, they will challenge you to give up by showing you how impossible the dream is and how you are going to fail. It Is only you who has the dream. Take that risk and don't be afraid to fail.

6.They read alot

You will never meet a successful person who cannot open his mind for new ideas and skills. Successful always like new ideas by spending quiet time reading books that will boost them mentally. They listen to nice tapes and spending time with people that will share ideas that will benefit them everyday. They develop themselves daily. They use every opportunity to to add value to themselves, to know what they did not know yesterday. To be successful you must make self development neccesary in your life everyday.

7.They believe it is possible

Successful people are alwsy optimistic. They may have failed many times but they will always stand to say it is possible. They never allow circumstances around them to make them think or reason differently. In the midst of challenges, do you still say it is possible?

8.They trust in God.

Successful people know that God has a perfect plan for them. They therefore submit to the plans of God everyday because that is the one that rules. They trust in God even In the midst of trouble, opposition, failure and trials. God is your manufacturer, He created you and therefore trust Him more than you trust the customers of the manufacturer. Latest news


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